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Apr 27 2011

We are less than 24 hours away from one of the biggest weddings!! It seems that people are either so excited or could careless and wants the hoopla to be over. Being a wedding planner you can guess which category I fall into. I will be having a royal wedding sleepover on Thursday night and getting up at 4 a.m with the birds. Our post on the party will be up on Friday… if I am awake. I did some research on some of the past royal weddings so grab some tea and enjoy!

In 1947 Phillip Mouthbatten married Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary (later Queen Elizabeth II) their 4 tiered cake was 9 feet tall and weighed 500 pounds!

In 1840 Queen Victoria started a fashion trend that to this day most brides choose to follow. Queen Victoria decided to go against a dress of color and choose to wear an extravagant all white gown.

How can we not mention the most famous royal wedding to date…Princess Diana. You can not talk about famous wedding dresses without thinking about Princess Di. The gown created by Elizabeth and David Emanuel was made of ivory silk, antique lace, and pure taffeta, with 10,000 pearls and sequins and of course their is the 25-foot train.

You won’t be hearing Beyonce’s “single ladies” at the royal wedding for the bouquet toss because their won’t be one. This wedding tradition is not followed and instead the bouquet will be placed on the grave of a unknown solider in the Westminster Abbey cemetery the day after the wedding. This started with Queen Elizabeth II and is assumed that Kate Middleton will do the same.

A little fact about our future Princess is that Kate Middleton at age 29 will be the oldest bride to marry a future king. There have been brides older in a the kings second marriages but not by much, the oldest bride was Catherine Parr who was the 6th wife of Henry VIII who was 30 when she married in 1543.

Apr 26 2011
Love the shoes, love the picture, and love Elizabeth Messina
Apr 24 2011

Peeps, cadbury eggs, solid chocolate bunnies, malted milk balls, jellybeans, chocolate marshmallow eggs and/or bunnies and the list goes on! I wonder when more sugar is consumed Halloween or Easter? Not that I am not going to be eating my fair share of sugar today but I also wanted to share this super cute and healthy treat. Hummus and carrots is a great healthy and tasty snack and could the presentation be any cuter? A great idea to take to your family get together, your child’s class, or even just to make at home.
So enjoy your sugar but try and eat like the easter bunny himself and have a few carrots!

Apr 20 2011

Ever bride needs to check out the newly launched website It’s easy to register for Aisle New York and gain access to the best in luxury bridal fashions from the world’s most prestigious designers. This is not an online shop but more of a boutique with limited pieces from your favorite designers: Monique Lhuiller, Angel Sanchez, and much more. Once you register you will get an exclusive invitation each time a collection is posted.

The newly launched website has everything you are looking for; find your favorite dress, a dazzling accessory, a one of a kind runway piece, or an exclusive gown created just for The Aisle New York by your favorite designer.

It gets even better….The Aisle New York donates a portion of proceeds from every gown they sell to the charity of that designers’ choice.

Already have your dress? No problem The Aisle New York can still be of use to you. On the site they have an online magazine for brides.

Apr 19 2011
Um how cute are these J. Crew heels?!

Photo: Koko Rio Photography
Apr 15 2011

Normally your guests come in and try to find their name among all those paper escort cards #1 it’s difficult to find and #2 they can be a little difficult to organize and set up evenly. Solution= Escort boards!!
Thanks to ETSY you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to have something unique at your wedding. The only work you would need is to find someone with beautiful penmanship. Here are a few of my favorite finds.

Apr 12 2011
I was in the mood to post more
Photo: Amber Beckham Photography
Apr 11 2011

Over the weekend, New York City was the playground for bridal retailers across the country. As a follow up to the October 2010 debut of NYC Bridal Week, the City welcomed designers from across the globe. As an elite exhibition, the event is not open to the general public, but instead an audience of mainly retail vendors. The weekend served as a window of style to the global vendors and their client market base. The collections ranged from chic and modern designs, to elegant and bold art work. Brides to be, stay tuned for some picture sneak peeks later this week!

Apr 07 2011
My first picture of her

God has blessed me with a soft spot for children but specifically to those less fortunate in Africa. In 2007 I became involved in an organization called the Invisible Children. Something inside of me changed forever when I watched the documentary of the Invisible Children. A life long dream of mine is to one day visit Africa and serve in the children’s ministry. Until that day comes I do my best to stay informed and help when I can. One way I decided I wanted to help was to “adopt” a child. I did my research and made sure I was giving my money to a reputable and trustworthy organization, I found that in Compassion International.

My most recent photo

In 2009 I “adopted” Sada Babu Mzalendo. She was born April 23rd 2003 and lives in Tanzania with her mother. She lives in an HIV/AIDS affected area so prayers are needed. It has been so fulfilling to write back and forth with her (although she has a translator that writes and reads to her) she draws me pictures and updates me on what she has been up to. By “adoption” I am able to pay for for Sada’s school, health needs, and bible classes all for $35 a month. I know many people want to help but think they can’t afford it but trust me skipping Starbucks for a week or going to the dollar theater instead is any easy way to make up something as little as $35. I encourage as many people as possible to get involved with this amazing Christian organization.

I have been wanting MMJ Events to be involved in something to give back, after praying about it I’ve decided that at the end of every year if we have reached our goal of 5 or more weddings we will adopt a child. We are also in the works of putting on a awareness and fundraiser for the invisible children at the end of this year, so stay tuned!

If you would like to learn more about Compassion International or the Invisible Children please check out these websites.

Apr 05 2011
These lovely shoes belong to Mrs. Meryl Baskin and are by the fabulous Badgley Mischka!!
Photo credit to my favorite photographers at Henry Photography