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Nov 29 2011


I pretty much hear music when I look at these shoes. In love!!


Nov 28 2011

Almost all brides all have the same issue when it gets time to do the guest list…too many people! Whether its a space issue at your venue or you can’t have the dream wedding you saw on Style Me Pretty because the more people the more money. Some people think it’s just extra money for a dinner or two but that’s not the case. More people=more tables=more rentals=more centerpieces=more meals=more cake=more money.

Now the big question, how do you decide who gets the cut? I found this cute graph on wedding bee that may help.

Nov 22 2011


In the words of Ms. Zoe…major!

Nov 18 2011

 I cannot believe my little peanut is 2 months old today! Two months of my pregnancy went by ridiculously slow but two months of him being here was like a blink. Being a mom has been the greatest blessing. He is such a good baby, he loves to sleep and snuggle like his mama, he’s smiling and cooing everyday which makes my heart pretty much explode. I can almost see why the duggars have 20 kids (i said almost!)
Half of the pictures I take are of him sleeping haha

Seriously who sleeps like this (thats my lap if you couldn’t tell what he is akwardly sleeping on)

First Halloween

peanut in his sleep sack


Nov 16 2011

The candy bar at weddings and events has been such a huge trend for awhile now that other things are catching on. Usually people would ask you what your drink of choice is at a bar but now people can ask you what your bar of choice is. The possibilities of what you can make into a bar are endless and I’m loving them all.

Some people think that the candy bar is over done now. I say that if you like candy and you want it, DO IT, maybe you can find a creative way of making it different. Have a 80’s themed candy bar with all the candy you had as a kid.

Maybe a burger or hot dog bar is more your style. It would be a big hit late at night when people are getting ready to leave and they are hungry from dancing and could use some food for the alcohol consumption as well ; )

It seems the sky is the limit on these trendy bars….

I love cookies and have been waiting for a client to ask me to make them one (hint hint)

Our dessert bar from this past weekends party. Her favorite color was green

Popcorn bar

Hamburger bar

Love all the little condiments on this hot dog bar


Sushi bar on ice

Ice cream and float bar

Nov 15 2011

Photo credit: Nicole Hill Gerulat




Nov 15 2011

I had been excited to show you all our pictures from our photo shoot at Darby Dan Farms but was unable until our feature was out. It’s been awhile now but I at least had to get some up on the blog. A special thanks to Darby Dan, Henry Photography, Enticings Icings, and Create in Joy.

Nov 11 2011


Happy Veterans Day to all our veterans, current military, and families of those who serve or have served!! Your sacrifice is so appreciated.

My husband and I were not together when he was serving in Iraq and Afganistan but when we talk about his experiences it’s something that my mind can not comprehend. I think of what a unique and strong person it would be to handle a loved one being gone. Our military and their families are constantly in my prayers.

In honor of our veterans and active military on 11-11-11 we would like to offer a special discount of 11% off any of our wedding planning packages now through the end of 2011. We are so grateful to you all!!

Also if you or your fiance are in the military or have served in the past 5 years you qualify for a free wedding gown!! Check out for more details


Nov 08 2011

cute cute




Nov 01 2011

 To die for!!

Photo Credit: Amelia Johnson