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Feb 14 2012

Happy Valentines Day to my blog followers that I love oh so much! Wanted to share with you our Valentines Day shoot from last year. This shoot brings back so many memories for me, we actually shot it in January and the set-up day is when I fouond out I was expecting! Now I have the greatest little Valentine EVER!

Although I love a holiday centered around love, be sure to tell your love ones that you love them not just today but everyday!

I loved the shots we got of Brody, he was so good for us.
Photos: Henry Photography

Linens: Connie Duglin

Poms: Pom Love

Feb 03 2012

Football fanatic? Party lover? Just watching for the commercials? Well now you can celebrate all three with a super fun Superbowl bash! Superbowl Sunday parties are great because it's super casual and it's ALWAYS a great time.

Prepare to get really festive and bring out you creative side with some of these fun-filled ideas:

Little Sprout Creations

1. Okay, let's start with the two teams: New England Patriots and New York Giants. So, why not plan your food and drinks around the Superbowl contestants?

New England: Cape Cod, Boston Tea Party, and clam chowder. . .some of this may ring a bell!

Stuffed Lobster Rolls– these take a bit of prep but they're worth it!

Thick and Creamy New England Clam Chowder– this can cook while you're making the lobster rolls!

Whoopie Pies– famous in the state of Maine, these will fill your sugar craving for sure!

Samuel Adams Boston Lager– the name says it all. . .a true New England drink!

New York: Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and Central Park. . .and the list goes on!

New York Style Pizza– don't go for delivery or settle for frozen pizza. . .channel your inner Italian and start rolling some dough!

Baked Buffalo Wings– by being baked and not fried, these wings are healthy AND have a quick prep time!

Chocolate Cannoli– cool your mouth off from those wings with these savory chocolate snacks!

The New Yorker– not a beer fan? Try this fresh cocktail!

2. Got some downtime before the game? Challenge your guests with some Superbowl trivia! Before the party begins:

-Research and print out some Superbowl facts

-Cut them into strips of paper and put them in a bowl

-Have your guests take a piece of paper out of the bowl as they arrive

3. Another fun Superbowl party game is buy a small gift (maybe a giftcard) and have your own version of a raffle. Have your guests write down their guess of the game's final score and whoever has the closest score, wins the gift!

4. For decorations, get creative! Here are some fun ideas

Hostess with the Mostess

Photo: Julie Mulligan

Wants and Wishes