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Feb 28 2012

Hello Fendi, you are looking lovely!

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This is a touchy subject, I know, I've been there! There are multiple reasons a couple might not want children to attend their wedding. Space, money, worrying about disruptive outbursts are all good reasons for wanting an adult only wedding. Unfortunately, notifying guest of your no children policy can be difficult to accomplish. Here are a few tips…

1. Alter your invitations. Putting “no children” or “adult only” on your invitations is considered a no-no. Specifically writing the guests names and leaving “and family” out will let the person receiving the invitation knows it is an adult-only occasion.

2. Inform them when they RSVP. If your guest RSVP's for more then the number you assigned them, be sure to give them a call. You don't want your guests to think that you don't want THEIR children there so be sure to word it carefully. You could mention that there is a strict limit of the number of guests due to the size of the venue or that your budget only has room for a specific amount of food.

3. Don't give in to special requests. If you followed #2, most guests will understand the situation and keep their kids at home. However, some will not. There may be a guest who says they aren't comfortable leaving their child at home with a sitter or that their child is very well-behaved. DO NOT GIVE IN TO THEM! You cannot promise one guest one thing and then tell the others no. It's important to stand your ground with your decision and stick to your no children policy.

4. Provide names and numbers of babysitters near the location. If your guests seem skeptical about attending, give them some names and numbers of local babysitters that are available for that day. You basically did all the work for them!

5. Hire a babysitter for the occasion. If all of the above fails, you can hire a babysitter (or maybe an family member old enough to be trusted with children). This is probably the easiest way to avoid confrontation with your guests and take care of the problem altogether. Provide a hotel room specifically for the children and the babysitter to be in during the ceremony, reception, or both. Talk to some nieces, nephews, cousins, siblings, etc. for old toys and video games to have in the room to keep the children occupied. For food, ordering pizza is probably your best bet.

No matter how you handle this sticky issue just remember that this is YOUR day!!

Feb 21 2012

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Feb 14 2012

Happy Valentines Day to my blog followers that I love oh so much! Wanted to share with you our Valentines Day shoot from last year. This shoot brings back so many memories for me, we actually shot it in January and the set-up day is when I fouond out I was expecting! Now I have the greatest little Valentine EVER!

Although I love a holiday centered around love, be sure to tell your love ones that you love them not just today but everyday!

I loved the shots we got of Brody, he was so good for us.
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Feb 03 2012

Football fanatic? Party lover? Just watching for the commercials? Well now you can celebrate all three with a super fun Superbowl bash! Superbowl Sunday parties are great because it's super casual and it's ALWAYS a great time.

Prepare to get really festive and bring out you creative side with some of these fun-filled ideas:

Little Sprout Creations

1. Okay, let's start with the two teams: New England Patriots and New York Giants. So, why not plan your food and drinks around the Superbowl contestants?

New England: Cape Cod, Boston Tea Party, and clam chowder. . .some of this may ring a bell!

Stuffed Lobster Rolls– these take a bit of prep but they're worth it!

Thick and Creamy New England Clam Chowder– this can cook while you're making the lobster rolls!

Whoopie Pies– famous in the state of Maine, these will fill your sugar craving for sure!

Samuel Adams Boston Lager– the name says it all. . .a true New England drink!

New York: Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and Central Park. . .and the list goes on!

New York Style Pizza– don't go for delivery or settle for frozen pizza. . .channel your inner Italian and start rolling some dough!

Baked Buffalo Wings– by being baked and not fried, these wings are healthy AND have a quick prep time!

Chocolate Cannoli– cool your mouth off from those wings with these savory chocolate snacks!

The New Yorker– not a beer fan? Try this fresh cocktail!

2. Got some downtime before the game? Challenge your guests with some Superbowl trivia! Before the party begins:

-Research and print out some Superbowl facts

-Cut them into strips of paper and put them in a bowl

-Have your guests take a piece of paper out of the bowl as they arrive

3. Another fun Superbowl party game is buy a small gift (maybe a giftcard) and have your own version of a raffle. Have your guests write down their guess of the game's final score and whoever has the closest score, wins the gift!

4. For decorations, get creative! Here are some fun ideas

Hostess with the Mostess

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Wants and Wishes 

Feb 02 2012

Seating arrangements. Some of you may think it's one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning but I wanted to offer you some helpful hints on creating a stress-free seating plan that will please you and your guests:

1. The most basic question in wedding planning: assigned or unassigned seating? Unassigned seating sounds better and simpler for your guests and you but it actually causes more stress than sitting down and organizing a seating chart. A February 2006 study by YouGov found that about 83% of wedding guests would rather have assigned seats or assigned tables. Nobody wants to feel like the unpopular kid not being able to find a seat in the lunchroom so let your guests' find their name card or assigned table.

2. Next question: assigned seats or assigned tables? Both of these arrangements have great features so this choice is really up to you. Assigned tables are more popular and a lot less work for the organizer.

Marta Stewart has a nice seating chart tool. You can sign-up here and click on Wedding Tools.

3. Now, who goes where?! Again, this is all up to you. It's important to add some variety to your guests' tables:

-Keep families and co-workers together

-Mix up the ages a little bit but not too much. People tend to get along better if they  have similar interests and/or similar ages. But don't go crazy and seat your crazy college cousin with your great grandma!

-Remember to keep your tables balanced when it comes to the male-female ratio. Traditionally, most brides do male-female-male-female.

4. Your guests will need to know where they're going once they arrive at the reception. Get creative on displaying your cards and/or table numbers

 -If you decided on assigned seats, you'll need a seating chart for your venue, cards with table numbers, and place cards.

-If you decided on assigned tables, you'll just need a seating chart and table number cards.

**In all honesty I had trouble with my own seating chart. My best advice would be to start early, do not try to complete it all at once, and try to not let it stress you out too much.