Jul 23 2015

When I first met with Jacquilyn about planning her wedding I had no idea what an experience I was in for. Her wedding to Tom was going to have bigger details than any other wedding I had done, but I was up for the challenge. 500 guest invite count…check. Hanging floral installation over the dance floor…check. Not one but two bands…check. Hedge wall display…check. The list goes on and I loved every minute of it.

Tom and Jacquilyn live in Chicago so I worked closely with Jacquilyn’s mother Vera as well. I’ve been lucky to have a lot of super sweet mother/daughter planning duos. Jacquilyn and Vera were no exception. One of my favorite small details of the wedding was that Jacquilyn used her parent’s cake topper on a small anniversary cake next to hers. Those small meaningful details are the best.

This was my second Macedonian wedding I have planned, and I can’t tell you how fun they are! The dancing and the cultural traditions are amazing. It was hard for my girls and I to not jump in with the party.

As stunning and fun as this day was, nothing was more beautiful than seeing these two commit their lives to each other. I am beyond thankful to have been trusted to be apart of such a lovely wedding. Much love and happiness to you J and T

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IMG_5959494477Photos: Red Gallery Photography

May 22 2015

A little later than promised, but here is part two of Kirstin and Ian’s Montreal wedding. I love every single shot of them together, it was hard to choose which to post. I do wish I had more detailed shots to share with you. I’ve never had a reveal like Kirstin’s. We had worked so hard on the design and her reaction was the BEST! Ian joked she didn’t even cry that hard during the ceremony hehe.
Dancing on the terrace with the lights and fireworks was like a dream. There is nothing better than seeing a years worth of hard work come together.
I’m so grateful to have been apart of their special day. And I’m thrilled to say Ian and Kirstin will be giving Vivienne a new girlfriend this October. We cannot wait to meet Baby Sophia Biever!!

I had to laugh when posting this first picture. The photographer knew I was the wedding planner but he didn’t know we had become such good friends. He had to think it was so odd that I was jumping on the bed with the ladies. 
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Apr 29 2015

This blog post has taken me months to write. The thought of putting this couple, this wedding, and this friendship into words was overwhelming. So, I decided to break the post up into two parts. Part one: the introduction, travel, and friendship. Part two: the wedding with all the pretty details. Here we go….

The first time Kirstin and Ian walked into my office I thought, holy good looking couple. They are the most adorable real life barbie and ken ever! They told me how they met on match.com and all about their first date. The details were adorable. Kirstin also told me the second she saw my website she knew I was the one (very flattering), but she went on to tell me all about these gut feelings she has and when she knows she knows. Now that we have been friends for 2 years, I can attest that this is true.

I wasn’t kidding…seriously…look at them! ADORABLE10527570_10104667605083915_919711417055124821_n

While having a cocktail after dress shopping, we began to talk.  Without getting too personal and sappy, all I can say is I gained a life long friend that week. If you follow my work or my blog, then you know I tend to become friends with a lot of my brides.  This friendship was different. It was as if God specifically had our paths cross for a reason. I will forever be grateful for our relationship.

I got a call one day from Kirstin and she told me that they  decided to change their wedding plans from Columbus to Montreal Canada. Then came the best part – they wanted ME to still be their planner! MMJ destination wedding…check! I was beyond excited.


Fast forward a few months and bam I’m pregnant with ms. vivi.  She is due 3.5 weeks before the wedding. Since planning is part of my job you would think that I would have planned better. Kinsey and I had been trying for a second baby for awhile. We decided to no longer “plan” and when it happens it happens. After being disappointed that I may have to uncheck my destination wedding goal box, and more importantly missing my friend’s wedding, my uber supportive husband assured me that we would make it work.


And to think her passport photo is good for 7 years haha. There was no way of getting the passport expedited in time (cue crying hormonal planner).  But Kinsey came in with the win by getting a signed letter from Congressman Tiberi who had it mailed within 24 hours. Tiberi officially has my vote forever!

After lots of planning, a birth, the drama of Vivi’s passport (she could be the youngest baby ever to get a passport), we were off to Canada!!


IMG_4890We stayed at two of the most amazing hotels. First hotel Zero, which I loved. The modern feel made me want to bring their decorator back to the states with me. The second, The Auberge du Vieux-Port (took me 4 months to learn how to pronounce it properly). The character of this hotel cannot be explained. Have you ever had a moments that as it’s happening you know it’ll be a memory forever? I had that. I was lying on the bed starring at my new beautiful baby girl sleeping and all of a sudden I hear a violin. I open the window to hear a man playing in the street. I keep the window open, laid back in my bed, and thought this is like a movie! I definitely said a little prayer, thanking the Lord for all that he has blessed me with.


IMG_4969Kinsey and I had such a great time meeting Kirstin and Ian’s loved ones, walking the streets of old port Montreal, taking a tour of Notre Dome Basilica, and eating lots of yummy food (I had my first tasting of Poutine).


I can’t wait to share the details and images of their beautiful wedding next week!!!

Mar 11 2015

This soft and romantic wedding at Darby House back in June was so beautiful. Adrienne and Ryan knew exactly what they wanted. I’m thankful that they trusted me to bring their vision to life. I loved every little detail. Candles upon candle upon candles, a cigar bar, ceremony water-station, a live painting artists, and stunning draping everywhere. The details couldn’t have been more perfect. I wish this sweet couple all the joy and happiness in the world. xo -M

Enjoy the pretty captured by Red Gallery Photography

red-gallery-photography 54red-gallery-photography 02 AdriennePicMonkey red-gallery-photography 17 PicMonkey Collage (1)red-gallery-photography 39red-gallery-photography 58PicMonkey Collage (2)

red-gallery-photography 51red-gallery-photography 53red-gallery-photography 55AdriennePicMonkey3red-gallery-photography 23red-gallery-photography 42red-gallery-photography 44red-gallery-photography 45red-gallery-photography 46red-gallery-photography 57AdriennePicMonkey7red-gallery-photography 33red-gallery-photography 60red-gallery-photography 63red-gallery-photography 61PicMonkey Collage (5)

red-gallery-photography 37 red-gallery-photography 66 red-gallery-photography 67 red-gallery-photography 71Want to see more?!? Check out Adrienne and Ryan’s adorable video from Picture the Love

Jan 02 2015

The title of this post couldn’t be any more perfect. 2014 brought so much joy to my life both professionally and personally. I cannot wait to see what is in store in 2015! Happy New Year my loves and thank you for the support! xo -M

We worked with 8 amazing couples this year! We also had our first destination wedding in Montreal Canada. Making it a goal to do another one soon.


We had 5 fun events including two events for Pure Barre Columbus, a bohemian bridal shower, a ONEderland birthday party, and an OSU corporate party for Everhart Advisors. Small events with lots of details makes me a happy planner.eventsThe biggest joy in 2014 was welcoming our baby girl Vivienne Grace Jolliff. As soon as I think my heart cannot hold any more love and happiness, June 12th came along and proved me wrong.


Having a baby in the middle of wedding season caused a lot of extra stress in the Jolliff household but thankfully my husband took it like a champ and we conquered as a team. We made sure to fill the gaps with lots of fun. A babymoon in Mexico, our annual trip to the fair, swims, fishing, our trip to Canada, small group, an engagement, fun with friends, a 2 week visit from Jojo, zoo trips, celebrated 5 years of marriage, our little man turned 3, and we bought and built what is to be our new family home!



2015 has it’s work cut out but I have a feeling it’s going to be fabulous!!

Happy New Year!!!

Jan 01 2015

I’ve been so excited to show you the details of Ashley and Justin’s wedding this past June. Ashley was my dream client. She had great style, was easy going, and laughed a lot. I could do their wedding 100x over.View More: http://kellymaughan.pass.us/justinashley

View More: http://kellymaughan.pass.us/justinashleyView More: http://kellymaughan.pass.us/justinashley

View More: http://kellymaughan.pass.us/justinashley

View More: http://kellymaughan.pass.us/justinashleyPicMonkey CollageView More: http://kellymaughan.pass.us/justinashley

View More: http://kellymaughan.pass.us/justinashley

View More: http://kellymaughan.pass.us/justinashleyView More: http://kellymaughan.pass.us/justinashleyView More: http://kellymaughan.pass.us/justinashleyView More: http://kellymaughan.pass.us/justinashley

View More: http://kellymaughan.pass.us/justinashley

My favorite small detail of her wedding was her glass cake dome favors. Ashley lives in Arizona but I’m pretty sure she heard my squeal of excitement all the way over there when I found them.

View More: http://kellymaughan.pass.us/justinashleyView More: http://kellymaughan.pass.us/justinashley

A lucite chuppah with candles on top, drapery and covered in flowers created the most beautiful chuppah I have ever seen. It was too pretty to use only during the ceremony so it became our custom lounge spot for cocktails hour and reception.
View More: http://kellymaughan.pass.us/justinashley


View More: http://kellymaughan.pass.us/justinashley

View More: http://kellymaughan.pass.us/justinashley

View More: http://kellymaughan.pass.us/justinashleyView More: http://kellymaughan.pass.us/justinashley View More: http://kellymaughan.pass.us/justinashley

View More: http://kellymaughan.pass.us/justinashley

Justin and Ashley were so supportive of me planning their wedding while pregnant and I can’t wait for this cute couple to have their own little Green’s.

Little Tree Studios did an amazing job on their video. Enjoy all the gorgeousness below…


Nov 13 2014

Let me tell you something friends, when one of the owners of the blow out bar contacts you for a consultation you spend waaaay more time doing your hair than usual. On the day of the consultation the pressure for me to have fabulous hair seemed to be greater than booking the event. Lucky for me I was hired, and, as far as the hair goes, it was meah.

Kristin and John had an insanely gorgeous wedding on September 20th in Staten Island. Although she already had a planner for her wedding, I was so happy to be able to plan and design her bridal shower. When Kristin, her sister Kailen and I sat down to discuss ideas I quickly realized that this was not going to be the typical pink and fluffy bridal shower.  The style they wanted was Caribbean. Now I know what you are thinking…floral shirts and coconuts. I did too at first, but trust me, you can make ANY theme chic.

The details of the event were so fun to plan.  The guests got a little taste of what was to come when they received their box invitations by the talented Ink and Ivory. The day of the event Posy went above and beyond with the brightest florals I have ever seen (and I’ve been to the Caribbean).  A unique mix of vases were scattered down our long guest tables. At each place setting sat a wood-drift charge with bamboo-patterned silverware, a bright pink napkin topped with a wooden floral piece, which was also in their invitation box. Bamboo fencing was tied along the iron rod perimeter of the patio and lanterns were hung from the ceiling to help transform the area a little more. Each guest was gifted with an Illume soap bar.  The branding of these soaps are oh so lovely, and, since every smell was divine, we ended up getting them all.

We created two drink bars for Kristin’s two favorite cocktails; a bloody mary and a mimosa. The mimosa bar held a mixture of fruits in wooden bowls with a variety of juices for guests who wanted to mix up the traditional cocktail. The bloody mary bar was new for me since it is a cocktail that I have yet to try. I did my research and I quickly realized people put weird stuff in their bloody mary. Am I the only one who would prefer my shrimp to be in cocktail sauce and not IN my cocktail? But I did what every good planner would do and I gave the guests a variety of fixings.

Joseph brought some island music to our Caribbean affair with his steel drums. If you want to hear a quick snip of his fantastic playing you can take a peak of the video on our Instagram. The chophouse did an incredible job with the Caribbean inspired food: Florida rock lobster quesadillas, mango jalapeño calamari, sugar can shrimp skewers, Jamaican jerk chicken, and the list goes on. Not only was it delicious but also had an impeccable presentation.

I have a feeling this will go down as one of my favorite designs of MMJ. Thank you Kristin and Kailen for allowing me to be apart of such a special day. xo
















Sep 25 2014

During my first consult with Kim and her mother Kathy I realized that the wedding was going to be shortly after the arrival of our little Vivienne. I wasn’t sure I wanted to add on any more work during that time. However, within minutes of meeting them I knew I wanted to help with Kim and Patrick’s special day. Kim and Kathy are two of the most genuinely sweet people I’ve ever met. Their enthusiasm over every detail was infectious.
The small details are my favorite in any wedding. Patrick and Kim love attending concerts. so a concert inspired Columbus poster for their “guest book” and a customized CD of all their favorite songs as favors was a perfect way to add a personalized touch. Kim’s arrow tattoo also inspired a lot of the small details. From all their stationary and welcome bags, to their custom lounge, the arrow made subtle appearances. Last but not least, a paper flower wall by Posy was an insanely gorgeous backdrop for their vows.
Kim, thank you for being so fun and adorable. I wish you and Patrick an infinite amount of happiness. xo -M









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Aug 26 2014

It is rare that I go through a whole planning year without meeting my couple face to face but with Jeff and Katie living out of state and a jam packet schedule that is what happened. I have to say I was a little nervous on rehearsal day but as soon as they stepped out of the car it was like we had met a hundred times. They truly are the sweetest couple.

Their ceremony took place inside the barn at White Star Farms. Guests then ventured onto the patio for cocktails, appetizers, and some live music by the talented Shaw Brothers. Guests dined under cafe lights strung in the tent with gorgeous rustic decor. It truly was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple. I hope you enjoy all the rustic goodness captured by Aperture Photography.

04.katie+jeff-048Ohio tent wedding, mmj events

Ohio tent wedding, mmj eventsshoesboys03.groupportraits-06004.katie+jeff-011madison house designs04.katie+jeff-02204.katie+jeff-030

jeff and kelly05.reception-030Ohio tent wedding, mmj eventsOhio tent wedding, mmj events, wooden escort cards

Ohio tent wedding, mmj events, escort flowerOhio tent wedding, mmj eventsOhio tent wedding, mmj events, madison house designsOhio tent wedding, mmj events, madison house designsOhio tent wedding, mmj events, madison house designsOhio tent wedding, mmj events, enticing icings05.reception-151Ohio tent wedding, mmj events, ohio barn wedding

Jul 27 2014

If you know me then you know I am a girlie girl, but not to be confused with a priss (I can drive a four wheeler like a pro). Glitter, sparkle, bows, and fluff make me happy.  Kinsey knew he was in trouble when I was pregnant and I asked if they sold baby pajamas with tutus. Every day I get to play dress-up with vivi and I’m loving every minute of it.

I had been thinking about newborn photo ideas since she was in my belly, but when the photo shoot day arrived our house was total chaos.  Due in part to having a passport appointment before Kinsey’s work meeting, we were on a strict schedule and I answered the door in a robe, no makeup, and my hair half dried. In my head I was thinking, there is no way this session is going to turn out well.  I could not have been more wrong. Jenny Beck was beyond amazing! I wouldn’t have blamed her for walking out.  Instead, she shushed, rocked, and warmed my little lady to sleep and worked her magic.

Fast forward a week – I am in another chaotic situation at the Montreal airport and I get a sweet email from Jenny with a link to the photos.  In spite of two disastrous flight issues, as soon as I opened the link my heart stopped and everything was right again. No matter the situation and through all the chaos of life nothing can take away the ways in which God has blessed me. He has given me a supportive and loving husband and two beautiful, healthy children. So chaotic or not, life is good.

Jenny Beck Photography

IMG_3815 IMG_3824 IMG_3825 IMG_3830 IMG_3831IMG_3861 IMG_3901 IMG_3907 IMG_3934 IMG_3949IMG_3968 IMG_3979 IMG_3981 IMG_3991 IMG_4015IMG_4025 IMG_4045 IMG_4052 IMG_4054 IMG_4057IMG_4058 IMG_4060