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Apr 16 2012

As the wedding season is quickly sneaking up, I wanted to share what trends I've come across that will be incorporated in many of 2012's weddings.

1. Vintage AND Modern–Yep, a combination of vintage beauty and a modern flare is a big wedding trend this year. The super romantic use of delicate lace paired with a contemporary accent, like a ultra sleek seat cover or eccentric centerpiece, is what you should try to go for in order to achieve this trend. These opposites totally attract all the attention that you want on your big day!

Photo: Wishahmon

2. Bright Jewel Tones–Trendy as well as sophisticated. These words describe the bride who will incorporate bright color blocks in her wedding this year. This is a trend that must be approached carefully because, if you don't choose the right color pairings, your wedding could potentially go from chic to cheap-looking. It's important to choose colors on the color spectrum that compliment each other (teal and purple, for example). This look is extremely bold and will definitely grab the attention of your guests!

Photo: Ossai Bridal Accessories

3. Different Venues–This trend is one major way to make your wedding truly unique. Lately, brides are going out-of-the-box when it comes to choosing the location for the ceremony as well as the reception. Brides are trading in hotel ballrooms for botanical gardens and historic buildings in order to reflect the couples' personal style and personality.

Photo: Franklin Park Conservatory

Regardless if you follow these trends or not, your wedding should be what you want it to be and make sure you incorporate who you are as a couple.


Nov 16 2011

The candy bar at weddings and events has been such a huge trend for awhile now that other things are catching on.¬†Usually people would ask you what your drink of choice is at a bar but now people can ask you what your bar of choice is. The possibilities of what you can make into a bar are endless and I’m loving them all.

Some people think that the candy bar is over done now. I say that if you like candy and you want it, DO IT, maybe you can find a creative way of making it different. Have a 80’s themed candy bar with all the candy you had as a kid.

Maybe a burger or hot dog bar is more your style. It would be a big hit late at night when people are getting ready to leave and they are hungry from dancing and could use some food for the alcohol consumption as well ; )

It seems the sky is the limit on these trendy bars….

I love cookies and have been waiting for a client to ask me to make them one (hint hint)

Our dessert bar from this past weekends party. Her favorite color was green

Popcorn bar

Hamburger bar

Love all the little condiments on this hot dog bar


Sushi bar on ice

Ice cream and float bar