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Nov 13 2014

Let me tell you something friends, when one of the owners of the blow out bar contacts you for a consultation you spend waaaay more time doing your hair than usual. On the day of the consultation the pressure for me to have fabulous hair seemed to be greater than booking the event. Lucky for me I was hired, and, as far as the hair goes, it was meah.

Kristin and John had an insanely gorgeous wedding on September 20th in Staten Island. Although she already had a planner for her wedding, I was so happy to be able to plan and design her bridal shower. When Kristin, her sister Kailen and I sat down to discuss ideas I quickly realized that this was not going to be the typical pink and fluffy bridal shower.  The style they wanted was Caribbean. Now I know what you are thinking…floral shirts and coconuts. I did too at first, but trust me, you can make ANY theme chic.

The details of the event were so fun to plan.  The guests got a little taste of what was to come when they received their box invitations by the talented Ink and Ivory. The day of the event Posy went above and beyond with the brightest florals I have ever seen (and I’ve been to the Caribbean).  A unique mix of vases were scattered down our long guest tables. At each place setting sat a wood-drift charge with bamboo-patterned silverware, a bright pink napkin topped with a wooden floral piece, which was also in their invitation box. Bamboo fencing was tied along the iron rod perimeter of the patio and lanterns were hung from the ceiling to help transform the area a little more. Each guest was gifted with an Illume soap bar.  The branding of these soaps are oh so lovely, and, since every smell was divine, we ended up getting them all.

We created two drink bars for Kristin’s two favorite cocktails; a bloody mary and a mimosa. The mimosa bar held a mixture of fruits in wooden bowls with a variety of juices for guests who wanted to mix up the traditional cocktail. The bloody mary bar was new for me since it is a cocktail that I have yet to try. I did my research and I quickly realized people put weird stuff in their bloody mary. Am I the only one who would prefer my shrimp to be in cocktail sauce and not IN my cocktail? But I did what every good planner would do and I gave the guests a variety of fixings.

Joseph brought some island music to our Caribbean affair with his steel drums. If you want to hear a quick snip of his fantastic playing you can take a peak of the video on our Instagram. The chophouse did an incredible job with the Caribbean inspired food: Florida rock lobster quesadillas, mango jalapeño calamari, sugar can shrimp skewers, Jamaican jerk chicken, and the list goes on. Not only was it delicious but also had an impeccable presentation.

I have a feeling this will go down as one of my favorite designs of MMJ. Thank you Kristin and Kailen for allowing me to be apart of such a special day. xo
















May 29 2014


Today marks the last day of my twenties and we are exactly 2 weeks away from having our baby girl.  This realization has me working on my to-do list today and not the to-do list that I make every day for the things I need to get done that day but the list that I make and hardly ever check off.  Anyone else have 2 lists or is it just me?

Naturally, the first thing on my second to-do list is blog so here I am. Patrick and Whitney’s wedding was one of my favorites from last year. They were such a fun couple to work with. They had a vision but also let me have fun with some of my own ideas.

The couple and their wedding party both got ready at the Downtown Hilton.  The amazingly talented Benjmain James got some really great shots at the hotel. I love the one below of the guys.

Their beautiful ceremony took place at St. John the Baptist followed by a super fun reception at Station 67. You know I’m all about the personal details and this wedding was full of them! Here are some of my favorites….

Whitney and Patrick were both math majors at The Ohio State University. They came up with math equations that when solved was the table number. Guests didn’t really have to solve the equations because I’m pretty sure there are very few people that could. The idea was so unique, I loved it!!

A family tradition of Whitney’s was camping. I’ve only camped once but I’m pretty sure camping without s’mores is illegal, right? A custom-made s’mores bar was a must for the patio. This wasn’t an ordinary s’mores bar, we had a multitude of different flavor candies, marshmallows, and graham crackers. Some pink roasting sticks, a fun menu of flavor combinations the guests could create, and camping lanterns. The guests had the best time roasting their marshmallows in the pit lounge we created under the café lights.

There were so many small details it’s hard for me to not share them all. The last I’ll share is the favors. This was an area they were struggling to come up with something. Whitney ended up telling me that she trusted me and to pick something. Whitney and Patrick have a love for Chicago since they use to live there. You can’t really think of Chicago without thinking about Garrett’s popcorn (yum!). We over-nighted multiple gallons of the Chicago mix. We had our designer make cute labels for our gray and white stripe containers. I have to admit I ate an unhealthy amount of popcorn while filling these gems. They turned out to be perfection and the guests loved them as a late night snack.

Having Swagg as the band meant there was a whole lot of dancing and fun going on in the evening. We topped the night off with a lantern release, which turned out to be an adventure in itself.  And the night couldn’t be complete without the appearance of Whitney and Patrick’s fur baby, Stella. It truly was a fun and beautiful wedding; I was honored to have been apart of it.


bouquet collage.jpg
Klein Groomsmen.jpg

PicMonkey Collage
table setting 3.jpg
thank yous.jpg
signs 2.jpg

Don’t worry this isn’t me drinking on the job,  just making sure the bride and groom have refreshments during photos.

Church: St. John the Baptist
Reception: Station 67
Photography: Benjamin James Photography
Florals: Petals and Leaves
Rentals: Event Source
Catering: Two Caterers
Stationary: By Invitation Only
Band: Swagg

Apr 16 2014

I was uber excited to plan a wedding for LA based couple Chris and Kelly. They were so fun to work with and were extremely enthusiastic about their ideas for the décor. That being said, this put some extra pressure on me to make their vision into a reality. But the ooh’s, ahh’s, and hugs I got after the room reveal is what makes my job so amazing! They got married in what is my opinion, the most beautiful church,  Columbus, St. Joseph’s Cathedral. After the ceremony, the day continued at the elegant Brookside Country Club for a fabulous cocktail hour and reception. The weather threatened us with some rain, but with lots of prayer and positive thoughts, the skies kept clear. My absolute favorite design detail was the cake. The beautiful gold edging done by Cindy at Enticing Icing was perfection. Another highlight of the event was the best man’s speech, which included a blast from the Chris past. I was in charge of hiding his high school letterman jacket until the big reveal. Chris was shocked the best man was able to get his hands on it. The adorable picture at the end of Kelly wearing it is one of my favorites. I wish Chris and Kelly all the happiness in the world!



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Dec 31 2013

When thinking about 2013 I can’t help but think about all the happiness it brought to my life both professionally and personally. This was a year of blessings for sure!

January: I kicked off the year with a bridal show at the Franklin Park Conservatory. My younger sister who I hadn’t seen in a year came to visit, it was extra special to have her there with me.

February: We did a big 50th Birthday party for David at the Polaris Hilton. No 50th would be complete without an amazing 80’s cover band. Also in February I took some time to rest and relax before I officially kicked off the MMJ season. My husband and I went to Cabo and enjoyed some fun in the sun. My camel friend gave me a ride along the beach.

March: With less then 5 months of planning, we pulled off one of our biggest weddings of the year for Shelly and James Laurinaitis at the beautiful Ivory Room. You see more details here or in the Spring/Summer issue of the Knot magazine on stands January 6th.

 April: Although we didn’t have any events in April we were in full planning mode. My house looked like a store with all the design elements I had coming in for the summer ahead. I’m pretty sure my UPS man hates me :/
  May: On of my many dreams for MMJ came true when we had our first Bat Mitzvah. The purple umbra wonderland for Rebecca Hirsh was amazing! We are also thrilled to announce that it will be published in January 2014 in Occasions magazine! If you can’t wait until then you can check out more details here. I am now on pins and needles in anticipation for the next Mitzvah booking.

June: This has been our busiest month 2 years in a row. Gotta love a June weather in Columbus. We started off with Lindsay and Patricks wedding at Northbank Pavillion. Lindsay’s love for design and attention to detail made her such a fun bride to work with. The following day we had Aaron and Perrine’s wedding at Muirfield Village Country Club, photo below. Ending the month was Drew and Abigail’s small outdoor wedding which you check out here.

July: After such a busy month, I was ready to take some time off and relax with my little family. We went down to our families condo in Siesta Key’s and rested up. I came back rested and ready to tackle the rest of our season.

August: We had 2 beautiful weddings in August. Michelle and Phil had an art inspired wedding at the Columbus Museum of Art, you check out all the amazing details here. We also had our California couple Chris and Kelly who got married at the beautiful St. Joseph’s Cathedral and reception at Brookside Country Club, we will be blogging this soon.
September: Sometimes I want September to be skipped so that Lucas doesn’t get any bigger, but yet again a birthday came and we celebrated with a car theme party. You can check out my handsome little man here. I also had the best time planning the wedding of Patrick and Whitney. They had such a fun reception at Station 67. I just received their photos so a post will be coming your way in January.
October: One of my favorite small event’s this year was Lindsay’s Kate Spade inspired bridal shower. You can see all the polka dot and bow fun here. We were also able to help Katie and Warner with their I do’s at the lovely Bryn Du Mansion. My favorite part of October on a personal level is that we found out that we are expecting!!
 November: We had another lovely wedding for Michelle and Matt at Bryn Du Mansion. Ending our month was a Doc McStuffins 3rd birthday party for the adorable Aubri.

December: We had the sweetest snowflake shower for a dear friend with ornament making and a hot coco bar. Our family ended the year with the most amazing surprise. We opened our gender reveal box on Christmas morning and found out our little peanut is a girl!!!

I cannot wait to see what is in store for 2014. I know it’s going to be amazing with all our wonderful new clients, our first destination wedding, and the birth of our baby girl. Let’s go 2014, I’m ready!!!


I had the privilege of meeting Michelle in high school 10 years ago (gah, how can I be that old?!).  I was thrilled when she called and told me of her and Phil’s engagement and her need for a planner. I knew we would have the best time working together. Is it allowed to be called work when you have that much fun? Even while putting this post together I texted Michelle to tell her she needs to have a wedding every year (hello Heidi Klum). Not only did we have a blast together but it was nice to get out of the box and have some fun with her style.

Now on to the details!!!! Michelle and Phil are both unique in their style. Michelle is the epitome of Hollywood glam. Our makeup artist agreed that Michelle could be placed in any decade and be stunning! We choose the Columbus Museum of Art to hold both the ceremony and reception. Having half of her guest flying in from Ireland, many of whom had never been to the states before, we knew we wanted to throw a good party.

One downside (if you can even call it that) was the hype of the Great Gatsby. Michelle and Phil wanted to have a Art Deco wedding. Art Deco truly is apart of their unique style so when the Great Gatsby came out all of a sudden Art Deco exploded on the wedding map and became not so unique. However, knowing that I was planning and designing for the uniqueness of my couple and not trying to copy a trend made it amazing.

We had small detail upon small detail which made this wedding what it was…AMAZING! old-school specialty cocktails, a jazz band, a raw seafood bar, champagne towers, homemade confetti poppers, a 2.5 hour cake design meeting, gold tickets, artist inspired table numbers, vintage matchboxes, the list goes on and on and on. Michelle made her bridesmaids jewelry and belts, I keep telling her she needs an etsy shop.

It’s usually the bride crying on her wedding day but Michelle got me with a reminder of our million inside jokes, the sweetest card EVER, and generous gifts. Hands down the best thing about doing Michelle and Phil’s wedding is the rekindling of our friendship. Michelle, I adore you! Thank you for letting me be apart of your special day.

It’s publication has yet to be announced but I can tell you it’s going to be fabulous!
Enjoy the details….

Photos: Benjamin James Photography

Nov 28 2013

I cannot even believe I am writing this post. It feels like just yesterday I was written this post here. How can life be going so fast? I feel like I was just trying to past my high school chemistery class just a few years ago. But no, I blinked and went through college, went through my single years, got married, opened my own business, and am a mother to the sweetest little man.

I recently started a journal for Lucas. I want him to one day read about the joy he has brought to my life, the funny things he says and does that makes me laugh every day, and even weird things like how I find his breath sweet when he sleeps (yes I know, weird mom right here).

Kinsey tried to negotiate a party every other year but he lost. I’m an event planner for goodness sakes! Chucky cheese is NEVER.GOING.TO.HAPPEN (love you babe). The theme was easy because of Lucas obsession with cars. He yells CAR every time he see’s one. Can you imagine what it’s like with him in the parking lot of the grocery store? Yes, Lucas there are 84 cars here, thanks.

Happy Birthday to my sweet little man! Thank you for making me smile the past 730 days xoxo
DISCLAIMER: This post is going up 2 months after his birthday (I know I know, I’m a blogging embarassment). Going to make it my New Years resolution.

Special thanks to Ashley with Henry Photography for always capturing our families special memories. xo

Nov 06 2013

Any time the chance for putting together an event other than a wedding comes along… the giddiness hits! Don't get me wrong, a bride's gorgeous dress, peonies, and escort card displays still make my heart flutter… but there is something about jumping out of the bridal box and letting my own creative juices flow that brings small events to a different level. I had the pleasure of working with Melissa, who was throwing this thoughtful shower for Lindsay, the bride-to-be! While chatting many times with the sweet MOH about Miss Lindsay, I realized our love for many of the same things was a match made in heaven – spray paint and sugar free red bull? I loved her already! I also knew she loved all things pink, polka dot and anything stylish… those 3 things made me instantly think, Kate Spade!

The shower went off without a hitch, minus not being able to find a Justing Timberlake cutout. Everything was unique for the bride-to-be… from the glitter champagne bottles (tutorial on the blog coming soon!), the facebook post game that seemed to be a hit, the fifteen 3 foot tasseled balloons (those took multiple car trips!) and some giddy open air pre-released balloons that happened (there were 6 bottles of champagne..) – the shower was a sweet day to remember. This of course was all prep for Lindsays monumental day this coming Saturday as her wedding takes place at the stunning Ivory Room. I am positive it will be gorgeous and I wish her and Bill all the happiness on their big day!

glitter champagne bottles, kate spade shower, mmj events

essie favors, mmj events, kate spade shower

How cute are her and her maids?
Love this shot!
Special thanks to Jenny from Jenny Beck Photography for the amazing shots!

Oct 15 2013

Pins & Needles…that is how Bride Abigail and her Groom Drew kept me the entire day of their Muirfield Village Country Club Wedding! As a long distance couple that lives in Washington, but were planning their special day here in Columbus, this celebration was unique & intimate (the photo below is their WHOLE wedding). Whether it be the Jazz band, epic cake smashing or the sprinkles that came right before the ceremony… their day was one of a kind, just like them.

Photos by: Jacobus Photography

Jul 03 2013

I have been dreaming of doing a Bat Mitzvah ever since 2009 when I started this little venture of MMJ. After a 4 year wait, I finally got the call from the Hirsh family. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more!

From the first time I met the family, I knew I was in for an amazing time. David, Suzie, and Rebecca were all three so sweet and fun. They all three seemed to laugh easily too, which I love!

Rebecca knew from the beginning she did not want a typical Mitzvah theme. She said she loved horses and the color purple. After throwing some ideas around and a few pins on Pinterest, we decided on purple umbre as the theme. When I say we had purple everything, I mean we had purple EVERYTHING. My office looked like a purple firework had gone off in the month of May.

When the big day finally arrived, I had the opportunity to see a little bit of Rebecca’s service at Temple. I knew how much hard work, time, and studying she put into it, so to see her on stage and knocking it outta the park was awesome. I feel so grateful to have had this family choose me to help make Rebecca’s day special.

I hope you enjoy the photos of this purple umbre wonderland that was Rebecca’s celebration.

I owe so much gratitude to all the amazing vendors who helped me on this event. You all rock!
Venue: Cosi
Photography: Benjamin Scot
Video: True Video
Floral: Posy
Catering: Cameron Mitchell
DJ: Matt Ryan
Cupcakes/Pops: Enticing Icing
Tent: O’Neils
Rentals: Event Source
Lighting: Live Tech

Apr 23 2013

Every time I open an e-mail to see that a client wants to book I take a minute to do a little dance and sometimes add a squeal. When Shelly sent me that e-mail it was no different, however it was followed by immediately going to work due to the wedding being less then 5 months away (they put my skills to the test).

When talking design with Shelly I liked to tease her that her favorite word was neutral, which James confirmed when they were furniture shopping for their new house. In a venue like The Ivory Room neutrals, with a few pops of black, and gold glitter accents turned out to be heavenly.

With all the gorgeousness that took place that day, nothing was more so then seeing these two recite their vows.  I feel so blessed to have been a part of their day and even more blessed to have new friends

Shelly was such a laid back bride, who had such an infectious smile, and her beauty is BEYOND as you can see above. Her dress was from her home town of Cleveland and that gorgeous bouquet was created by the ever so talented Amy of Posy.

Shelly and James had their “first look” at the new Downtown Columbus Hilton. The modern sleek decor made a great backdrop for some of their photos.

If you follow this little blog of mine, then you know I’m not a fan writing. Words are not my thing so to describe all the pretty of their ceremony would not be sufficient. I will let the amazing photos of Henry Photography do all the talking for me.

Oh my heart, that cake was a dream! As soon as we booked the Ivory Room, I knew I wanted to play with the open beamed ceiling. I went to the ridiculously talented Cindy with Enticing Icings with the crazy idea of suspending the cake, she took on the challenge head on! Not only did she create this lovely cake but made the suspension herself (did I say she was talented?).

We had so much fun coming up with signature drink names. We had a blush champagne with a swizzle stick for a Shelly Temple which was Shelly’s nickname as a child, a lemon cocktail for a lemonaitis to play off their newly shared last name, and a blue martini with a lemon garnish in the shape of a horn since James currently plays for the St. Louis rams.

One of my top 3 favorite moments of wedding days is doing a room reveal with my clients. I always say that the night before a wedding is like Christmas Eve for me, I can hardly sleep with excitement and this moment above is me opening presents. The amount of hard work from both myself, my vendors, and my clients all coming together for one big reveal, ahhh I love it!

**if you want to check out Shelly and James super adorable engagement session click here.

Having a preferred list of vendors has been huge for me and I truly could not have done this wedding without them.
Photographer: Henry Photography 
Cake: Enticing Icings
Venue: The Ivory Room
Florals: Posy
Videography: True Video 
Stationary: By Invitation Only
DJ: Matt Ryan www.mattryandj.com
Ceremony and cocktail hour: Shaw Brothers
Rentals: Event SourceWildflower, and La Tavola
Makeup: Alison Feamster
Hair: Friend of the bride
Suits: custom made Aster and Black