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Oct 12 2011
While in search of the perfect party invitation, I came across dodeline designs on etsy. I quickly fell in love with her designs. After e-mailing her back in forth the owner/designer Sarah was amazing at helping me complete my order. With customer service like she has I am confident in featuring her designs on the blog. I especially like how she uses her favorite materials of things that are old, driftwood, old doors, windows, and glass bottles to influence and display her designs. If you are looking for invitations for your wedding, a custom order, planners, thank-you cards, or anything else to deal with stationary you should definitely check her out.
Cute guest signing poster
Love it!
How amaze is this holder?
May 23 2011
I have seen so many save the dates it’s not even funny. Postcards, magnets, photos, calendars, key chains, candles, you name it. You can bet how excited I was when I saw these cookies because it was a first for me!! The S.T.D cookies are such a fun and yummy way to tell your guests about your upcoming nuptials. Let’s just hope they write it down before they eat it : )

Mar 23 2011

There is an endless amount of things to do when planning your wedding and trying to figure out when to do what can be overwhelming. Here is a quick and easy timeline for you to follow regarding all your paper needs.

6 to 9 Months

  • If you plan on ordering through an invitation company, call and book your appointment. 
  • Place order and mail Save the Dates.
  • Finalize guest list, venue and catering information.
4 to 6 Months
  • Place orders for all wedding stationery and accessories.
  • Discuss programs, menues, and place cards.
  • Reserve a calligrapher
2 to 4 Months
  • Address invitations or send to calligrapher to be addressed.
  • Order programs, menues, table numbers, and place cards.
8 to 10 Weeks
  • Stamp and seal wedding invitations.
6 to 8 Weeks
  • Mail out your invitations
  • Have programs printed
2 to 4 Weeks
  • Order menus, table numbers and place cards to be printed.
1 Week
  • Pick up menus, table numbers, and place cards.
***For help on all your invitations needs we suggest Cami Haggins with Harlan’s. 614.352.9421
Dec 08 2010

Looking for a creative personal idea for your stationary projects? Your in luck because I have found cute and reasonable priced stamps from MaeMae Paperie. You can customize just about anything! I will be making a purchase as a Christmas gift and will be following my Christmas shopping motto…one for you, one for me!

Only $34 at MaeMae Paperie

Jul 26 2010

While I attended License to Wed with Ivy Robinson back in February she told me about one of her friends Jennifer, she is an artist who makes wall art from invitations. I thought it was such a unique idea! I just found her card today and got on her site again and wanted to share it with you.

Jennifer applies the mementos of your life to a blank canvas and creates a completely unique work of art inspired by your important life moments.

Wedding invitations, anniversary cards, birth announcements- these are the things people often save in a box, out of sight and unable to be enjoyed. Jennifer will transform these and other tangible memories into striking art that can be hung on the wall and cherished day after day.
“My only real goal is to be known for helping others make their most spectacular moments last forever.”

Check out her business Store-N-Save

Jul 15 2010

I remember waiting in line at the post office for 25 minutes waiting to get my stamps for my wedding. Once it was my turn I found out my choices were a cracked liberty bell and two old fashion gold bands. I thought really, these are my choices? They did have a cute wedding cake but that was the .61 cent stamp and I only needed .44 My point is you pay all this money to have an invitation you love and you shouldn’t have to slap an ugly stamp on the cover. At usps.com you can create your own stamp! Use your favorite picture of you and your fiance, a custom logo of your initials, or your one of your engagement photos!

20 stamps per sheet. Small $17.95, medium $18.95, and large $19.95