Real Wedding: Jason and Nilli

My list of favorite things about a wedding is about a mile long but on that list you would find wedding traditions. Something about having a tradition that is done by generation after generation is heart warming. Back in 2009 I had the chance to plan a Macedonian wedding and LOVED learning all of the traditions of a Macedonian wedding. Since I enjoyed learning it so much I was thrilled when I met Nilli and Jason and they asked me to help plan and design their Persian wedding! I tried hard not to butcher the pronunciation of their customs and Nilli and her family were oh so gracious while I learned.

Planning was done mostly by Skype since Nilli and Jason live in Boston. They were adorable together and I truly enjoyed working with them. I always like incorporating things into the wedding day that are personal to the couple and their story. For Jason and Nilli it was “rocks”. Jason asked Nilli to be his girlfriend by writing on a large rock back in 2004. Seven years later he went back to that same rock to write will you marry me? How sweet is that?! We had guests sign their best wishes to Jason and Nilli on river rocks that they can now place in their garden back at home.

Another favorite part was watching the Persian dance. If you follow us on Instagram, you may remember my sneaky assistant posting a picture of the father of the bride dragging me on the dance floor to give it a try, I wasn't that good hehe.

You can see more of their day and some of my favorite things, including a game of ISPY all below.

Nilli looked stunning in her Lazaro gown. Above is a picture of the Persian Sofreh Aghd. One candle represents the bride and the other the groom, the mirror fate, honey to sweeten life, noon-e sagak to symbolize prosperity. Every single item on the spread represents something, if you are curious you really should look it up.

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The beautiful cake was created by the Suisse Shop.
I love all the long tables we did with mirror table runners. The flowers were done by Flowers on Orchard Lane. And in case you were wondering we did have ivory cushions on the chairs haha. This photo was taken during set-up.The cookie bar was a HUGE hit with the guests, I couldn't re-stock fast enough! YUM it's making my sweet tooth ache just talking about it.

Wishing a lifetime of happiness for Jason and Nilli.

Special thanks to Red Gallery for the gorgeous photos.

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    Very nice post. I don’t think I have seen the Pinnacle look so good.