Lucas turns 2!

I cannot even believe I am writing this post. It feels like just yesterday I was written this post here. How can life be going so fast? I feel like I was just trying to past my high school chemistery class just a few years ago. But no, I blinked and went through college, went through my single years, got married, opened my own business, and am a mother to the sweetest little man.

I recently started a journal for Lucas. I want him to one day read about the joy he has brought to my life, the funny things he says and does that makes me laugh every day, and even weird things like how I find his breath sweet when he sleeps (yes I know, weird mom right here).

Kinsey tried to negotiate a party every other year but he lost. I’m an event planner for goodness sakes! Chucky cheese is NEVER.GOING.TO.HAPPEN (love you babe). The theme was easy because of Lucas obsession with cars. He yells CAR every time he see’s one. Can you imagine what it’s like with him in the parking lot of the grocery store? Yes, Lucas there are 84 cars here, thanks.

Happy Birthday to my sweet little man! Thank you for making me smile the past 730 days xoxo
DISCLAIMER: This post is going up 2 months after his birthday (I know I know, I’m a blogging embarassment). Going to make it my New Years resolution.

Special thanks to Ashley with Henry Photography for always capturing our families special memories. xo