Montreal Canada Wedding Pt. 1

This blog post has taken me months to write. The thought of putting this couple, this wedding, and this friendship into words was overwhelming. So, I decided to break the post up into two parts. Part one: the introduction, travel, and friendship. Part two: the wedding with all the pretty details. Here we go….

The first time Kirstin and Ian walked into my office I thought, holy good looking couple. They are the most adorable real life barbie and ken ever! They told me how they met on and all about their first date. The details were adorable. Kirstin also told me the second she saw my website she knew I was the one (very flattering), but she went on to tell me all about these gut feelings she has and when she knows she knows. Now that we have been friends for 2 years, I can attest that this is true.

I wasn’t kidding…seriously…look at them! ADORABLE10527570_10104667605083915_919711417055124821_n

While having a cocktail after dress shopping, we began to talk.  Without getting too personal and sappy, all I can say is I gained a life long friend that week. If you follow my work or my blog, then you know I tend to become friends with a lot of my brides.  This friendship was different. It was as if God specifically had our paths cross for a reason. I will forever be grateful for our relationship.

I got a call one day from Kirstin and she told me that they  decided to change their wedding plans from Columbus to Montreal Canada. Then came the best part – they wanted ME to still be their planner! MMJ destination wedding…check! I was beyond excited.


Fast forward a few months and bam I’m pregnant with ms. vivi.  She is due 3.5 weeks before the wedding. Since planning is part of my job you would think that I would have planned better. Kinsey and I had been trying for a second baby for awhile. We decided to no longer “plan” and when it happens it happens. After being disappointed that I may have to uncheck my destination wedding goal box, and more importantly missing my friend’s wedding, my uber supportive husband assured me that we would make it work.


And to think her passport photo is good for 7 years haha. There was no way of getting the passport expedited in time (cue crying hormonal planner).  But Kinsey came in with the win by getting a signed letter from Congressman Tiberi who had it mailed within 24 hours. Tiberi officially has my vote forever!

After lots of planning, a birth, the drama of Vivi’s passport (she could be the youngest baby ever to get a passport), we were off to Canada!!


IMG_4890We stayed at two of the most amazing hotels. First hotel Zero, which I loved. The modern feel made me want to bring their decorator back to the states with me. The second, The Auberge du Vieux-Port (took me 4 months to learn how to pronounce it properly). The character of this hotel cannot be explained. Have you ever had a moments that as it’s happening you know it’ll be a memory forever? I had that. I was lying on the bed starring at my new beautiful baby girl sleeping and all of a sudden I hear a violin. I open the window to hear a man playing in the street. I keep the window open, laid back in my bed, and thought this is like a movie! I definitely said a little prayer, thanking the Lord for all that he has blessed me with.


IMG_4969Kinsey and I had such a great time meeting Kirstin and Ian’s loved ones, walking the streets of old port Montreal, taking a tour of Notre Dome Basilica, and eating lots of yummy food (I had my first tasting of Poutine).


I can’t wait to share the details and images of their beautiful wedding next week!!!


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