The Best Day Ever #unicorn life

“Adults don’t have enough fun” – out of the mouths of babes. Actually, out of the mouth of one of our favorite babes, Rebekah, when asked why she wanted to throw a unicorn themed pool party. We have done some of our favorite events to date for Rebekah. She quickly has become not only a client but a friend, meaning we got to attend the pool party too! I mean, how do you not become friends with someone who throws a unicorn party just because??? That’s my kind of friend!

Everything about this party was magical. From a beautiful setting, to delicious unicorn food and cotton candy drinks, a marvelous dessert bar, a killer swag bag, and learning to fly *see further details later in post*.  It was the best of days.

We kicked the pool party off with an invitation in the mail lined with “unicorn fur” and bursting with glitter. Only Ink and Ivory could come up with such an invite. The ladies got a pretty good idea of what they were about to experience when they got this enchanted invite in the mail!

What better setting for a uni pool party than this?? A shaded lounge, a pool to swim with unicorn rafts, and a 20 foot slide. 


This was just about everyone’s reaction when they walked into the unicorn wonderland.

An absolute must when throwing a unicorn pool party is a dessert bar. Because let’s be real, what’s more magical than a table full of colorful sugar in different forms?? Short North Piece of Cake killed it with the cupcakes. They were almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

Unicorn looks good on you, friend!

“OMG you’re a unicorn too???”

A signature cotton candy cocktail made an appearance at the pool party, making for one of our all-time favorite bar cart displays, not to mention one of our all-time favorite cocktails!


Not only did Rebekah want to treat her friends to this party to insert some fun into their lives, she wanted to treat them to a killer swag bag as well. And obviously, they were full of all things unicorn. Some of the goodies in the boxes were a unicorn headband (because, duh, who doesn’t want to be a unicorn for a day), a beach towel, a water bottle, unicorn band-aids (that came in handy on my part), “unicorns swear too” coloring book (one of our favorites), unicorn horn makeup brushes, flip flops, ear buds, makeup wipes, a coffee mug (because coffee makes everyone feel like a unicorn), “unicorns are my spirit animal” t-shirt and slippers. 

Words to live by

Unicorn fruit it my new favorite fruit. Accompanied by colorful kebabs and deviled eggs, the delish eats kept us energized to keep living our best unicorn lives for the day.

This isn’t just any ordinary 20 foot slide. With the help of Dawn dish soap, we turned that slide into a speedy 20 foot slip n slide! For most people, that would be plenty fast. But not for me. I have a need for speed, so I lathered myself in an additional layer of soap in hopes of going even faster. Well, I did indeed go faster, so fast that I flew off the end, leaving a scar on my elbow, and now the unicorn party will forever live in infamy on my body. But never have I ever felt more like a unicorn than when I was flying through the air (super gracefully, I’m sure) for that split second!

The life motto “be a unicorn in a field of horses” personified.

It is a dream when I get to step out of the wedding-sphere and plan something so fun and unique as this pool party! For the pure reason of just enjoying life. It’s true- adults don’t have enough fun. So here’s to embracing the unicorn within yourself and having a little more fun!

The magical vendors that made this all happen:

Photography: Style & Story Creative  

Florals: Love Florish 

Invitations: Ink and Ivory 

T-Shirts: Little Atoms 

Headbands: Graciosa 

Rentals: Aiden and Grace

Cupcakes: Short North Piece of Cake


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