Simon’s Wild One

We have helped throw some wild parties in the past, but this first birthday was by far the “wildest” in every sense of the word. From wild animals to wild treats to wild favors, Simon topped off his first year of life in true wild man fashion!

Guests were welcomed to the party with a “wild” woodlands landscape, and were led in by following the woodlands animal footprints.

Bear sighting on the porcupine napkin display!

Photos featuring Simon’s entire first year of life were hung on Aiden and Grace’s hedge wall- a perfect statement piece that embraced the woodlands vibes. Greatest mom and dad award go to these two for celebrating this little cutie in style!

When you have an invitation as adorable as this one featuring buffalo plaid and wild animals, you absolutely must have matching cookies. The cookie display by Sommer’s Cookies were so perfectly created to match the invite and fit the theme.

How amazing is this cake?? A true work of art! Not to mention so delicious.


At a first birthday, cake three different ways is a must! These cupcakes, cake and cake pops atop a buffalo plaid tablecloth was every kid’s dream come true.

And for those interested in having something other than sugar for lunch, we served mac & cheese muffins, mushroom pastry puffs and “forrest berries” inside a waffle cone.

It is no surprise that a little boy with a woodlands themed birthday party is besties with his dog, Ted. A family friend wrote and illustrated a book about their adorable friendship in “Simon and Ted’s Big Day” that guests were able to take home with them.

The kids left the party feeling like it was their own birthday with another killer party favor- a Bambi book along with a matching Bambi stuffed animal.

As for the adults, they were treated with Simon’s parents’ favorite drink- Coke and Jameson. So they could have an afterparty and get a little wild themselves, adult style. I’m pretty certain this birthday party was a favorite for everyone involved! A very happy birthday, indeed.

And as always, thank you to these amazing vendors who helped Simon get wild!

Sadie Baby Sweets

Sommer’s Cookie Co.

Get Caked by Stacy

Love + Lee Photography

Ink and Ivory

Aiden & Grace


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