jungle themed baby shower

Jungle Themed Baby Shower, Columbus, OH

We had the total pleasure of planning a jungle themed baby shower for Kristin, and it was just beyond all of our “wildest” dreams!
The shower actually took place in Kristin’s sister’s home.  Yep, we moved out all of her furniture on the main floor, and re-loaded it up with Aiden and Grace pieces. Now THAT my friends, is one heck of a sister!
We loved this unique baby shower theme, and really ran with it. We had animal print everywhere, a massive giraffe (that we lovingly named Maxx), we played Bingo and Guess Who, and even the desserts were jungle themed. 
This outdoor space was perfect for a lounge for extra seating space, and set the tone for guests as they walked into the event!
Can we just talk about this dessert table?? #goals

The balloon arch was quite the labor of love, but we eventually got it how we wanted it and thought it looked amazing, and was a perfect way to highlight the beautiful desserts!

Speaking of labors of love, the Vessel team absolutely killed it with the jungle inspired walls. Individually taping every single one of those leaves to the walls took the jungle vibe to the next level. 
The exotic flowers that Vessel chose to use in the table arrangements were perfect to make guests feel like they were in the jungle!

Let’s be honest, you can’t have a jungle party without elephant and animal print pillows and animal print balloons….you just can’t!

The festive bar cart featured the signature drinks for the shower- a blood orange lemonade, a pineapple mule and blackberry lemonade- with fruit toppings to go with!
The delicious food for the shower was provided by Two Caterers- always a guarantee to keep the mama and guests happy!
Let’s take a minute to admire this dessert spread. A 3 tier cake with geometric animal print details. Take pops in the shape of jungle animal heads that look exactly like the real thing. Animal print rice krispy pops. Sugar cookies beautifully painted and shaped like leaves and animals, and pretzels dipped and decorated with zebra stripes. WAY TOO GOOD! The boss lady dessert team knocked these out of the park! 
We love having gifts for the guests to take with them at the end of the event as a thank you for being a part of the special day for the mama to be. These ladies hit the pool in Kailen’s complex after the shower so their jungle beach towels came in handy. Can you just see all these ladies lined up with their matching towels? ADORABLE. 

Our little (ok, big) buddy Maxx has become part of the Aiden and Grace family- isn’t he cute??

This baby shower was definitely one of our favorites! And it turned out so well because of these awesome vendors-

Rentals- Aiden & Grace

Flowers- Vessel

Photography- Stephanie Barnes Photography

Food- Two Caterer’s 

Desserts- Sadie Baby Sweets, Sommer’s Cookies, and Get Caked by Stacy

Invitations- Ink and Ivory


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