When I see the high traffic that comes through to the blog it makes me feel two things…#1 grateful to all those who take the time to follow #2 guilty for giving you nothing new to look at. The beautiful images I have coming your way from this summers weddings will hopefully make up for […]

Today marks the last day of my twenties and we are exactly 2 weeks away from having our baby girl.  This realization has me working on my to-do list today and not the to-do list that I make every day for the things I need to get done that day but the list that I […]

I had the privilege of meeting Michelle in high school 10 years ago (gah, how can I be that old?!).  I was thrilled when she called and told me of her and Phil’s engagement and her need for a planner. I knew we would have the best time working together. Is it allowed to be […]

With my career choice I think it is obvious that I have a soft spot for weddings, but to be honest it's more then that. I have a spot for marriage, for love, for fighters (because lets face it, marriage isn't easy), I have a spot for love stories, and history. We live in a […]

I cannot even believe I am writing this post. It feels like just yesterday I was written this post here. How can life be going so fast? I feel like I was just trying to past my high school chemistery class just a few years ago. But no, I blinked and went through college, went […]

Any time the chance for putting together an event other than a wedding comes along… the giddiness hits! Don't get me wrong, a bride's gorgeous dress, peonies, and escort card displays still make my heart flutter… but there is something about jumping out of the bridal box and letting my own creative juices flow that […]

Pins & Needles…that is how Bride Abigail and her Groom Drew kept me the entire day of their Muirfield Village Country Club Wedding! As a long distance couple that lives in Washington, but were planning their special day here in Columbus, this celebration was unique & intimate (the photo below is their WHOLE wedding). Whether […]

October, already!? Summer has come to a close in the blink of an eye and somehow I found myself needing to update you all on the past 4 months – amazing to say the least! Where do I begin? Well, to date, 2013 has been the busiest year for MMJ Events. I was over the […]

I have been dreaming of doing a Bat Mitzvah ever since 2009 when I started this little venture of MMJ. After a 4 year wait, I finally got the call from the Hirsh family. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more! From the first time I met the family, I knew […]

Every time I open an e-mail to see that a client wants to book I take a minute to do a little dance and sometimes add a squeal. When Shelly sent me that e-mail it was no different, however it was followed by immediately going to work due to the wedding being less then 5 […]